The geo2gov API is an online service that will take a location description in a wide range of formats, and map that location to the government.

It can determine jurisdictions, electorates, representatives, where your location is defined demographically at each layer within the Census, and provides identifier maps so you can link into other websites such as the Federal Parlimentary website, OpenAustralia, MyMP and more.

geo2gov can be easily incorporated directly into other mashups as a search or address box, and can be deployed as a virtual applicance locally in addition to the regular online Amazon EC2 cloud-hosted service.

To make the Census results from even more useful, it also provides pre-compiled single file database packs of the Census for PostgreSQL and SQLite.

The HTML version of the website is provided for debugging and development purposes, and demonstrates a fairly typical usage of the API.

geo2gov won second prize and a data transformation bonus prize in the 2009 MashupAustralia competition.