Crime Alert is the first version of a new mobile web app.

Crime Alert provides you with two indicators.

  1. The frequency of a particular type of crime at your current location relative to the rest of the suburb.
  2. The frequency of that type of crime across the suburb at that time of day.

Sounds complicated?  It isn’t.

How to read Crime Alert?

The best way to read the Crime Alert screen is across the rows.  The grey box on the left tells you what type of crime of crime this row is about.  The middle box tells you, by its colour, how frequent that crime is in your suburb at that time (in a 6 hour window).  The final box tells you, again by its colour, how frequent that crime is at your current location compared to the rest of the suburb.

How do we use colours?

The same way as always.  Green means low, Yellow means mid and Red means High.

What else should you know?

Crime Alert only shows historical data – it is NOT a predictor of future crime levels.  The hope is that by being aware of the relative crime rate in your location you can manage your own safety a little better.

Results for one suburb cannot be compared with the results of another suburb.  The results are all relative to the suburb you are currently in.  So a Green in one suburb is not the same as a Green in another.