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This morning we are happy to make available the database behind geo2gov.

There are actually two versions.  The first, weighing in at 221Mb is the production database used by geo2gov.  It contains:

– All Australian Jurisdictions
– All Australian Houses
– Every current division at all levels of government, including boundaries
– The 2010 election divisions, including boundaries
– A selection of mayors for NSW
– The digitial crime mapping boundaries for inner sydney used by Crime Alert
Foreign keys from all members to Open Australia ids and MyMP ids, where available
– The AEC’s list of all polling places as of 2007, including lat/long
– The entire 2006 census taxonomy, plus boundaries for all collection districts

The second (772Mb) contains all the production data along with all the staging tables and the complete 2006 census.  Links at the bottom.

These are based on Postgres 8 ( + PostGIS 1.4 (

We’ll hopefully be getting more information out soon about the databases but for now feel free to download and explore.

More information to follow on further geo2gov/n4d releases.



Production database –

Production + staging database –

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